Monday, September 2, 2013

Monthly Reads Recap - August 2013

August has been quite the month for me, my friends... Quite the month... 
I kept my reading up though, and am happy to report that I am only about twenty books shy of my yearly goal! I did have two Did-Not-Finish books this month, and I've decided to include them just to round out the group.

As always, all book links will take you to GoodReads!

I found this book much more appealing than the cover implied. (It's all the swishy dresses on the skinny girls looking all proud that make me think a book is going to be boring...) I am a fan of the world created here, and I love how real the characters were. I'm a bit disappointed that the sequel is not a follow-up to this novel, but I'm happy that it's at least set in the same world!

Ever heard of 99U/Behance? That's how I found out about this book, and I'm glad I took the time to read it. Behance and 99U are all about making ideas happen and this book is a lovely collection of essays written by people who know just how to help you do that. I would consider purchasing this book, if only so I could mark it up with notes and ideas!

Oooohhh... I had heard a lot of good things about this book. It was violent and depressing and all kinds of sad, but it was as good as I had heard. I'm looking forward to book two, and I can only hope things get a little happier!

Wasn't sure if I would enjoy this one, but I totally did. I loved that it was a stand alone novel, and I loved all the questions it brought to my mind. While this was a sad story it also gave you hope, and that's what made me enjoy this book even more.

This was a spur of the moment purchase last year and it's sat on my Kindle until now. It was short and sweet and totally to the point, but I'm glad I bought it because it's one that can be referred to at any stage of life!

Not as chick-lit as I had thought it was going to be, but still a little silly! Cute and a bit sad, but a definite eye-opener on how differently people deal with their emotions. 

This could have been an awesome book, but things fell a bit flat for me. Combining the three women and their stories made each story seem short, and it was hard to separate their voices.

I really did want to like this book! It had SO much potential! Instead I found myself annoyed by the main characters, curious as to how their world actually worked, and a little bit embarrassed by some of the antics the characters got in to. Not sure if I want to read the rest of the series...

I needed a fluff book to read after I gave up a previous book as a DNF, and this one fit the bill! It was silly and sweet and just a little bit ridiculous. I'm happy I had it on hand to give me a laugh!

Much better than I imagined it would be! There were a lot of good questions brought up, and a surprisingly believable love interest! The author didn't shy away from sadness and guilt and the tough things that happen in life, and I was grateful to her for that. And once again, I'm happy to find a stand alone book in this sea of trilogy's!

I won this book through GoodReads FirstReads, and when I entered to win I had thought it seemed a little chick-lit-y and I was fine with that. What I got was anything but! This book was deep, and it was moving, and it was incredibly emotional. It has to be the best book I've read all year and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to win it! Everyone needs to read this one!

Oh Clive Cussler... We've had a long relationship, Clive and I. I'm a Dirk Pitt fan through and through, and I've also got some love for the Oregon Files, but I'm concerned that Issac Bell and I are not destined to be friends. (Also, I've heard rumors that Cussler didn't even write this book, and honestly... It shows.)


I need a book where something happens. Anything. But this book picks up after everything already happened. And we're left with people just thinking about how it sucked, but moving on with their lives. That, to me, is uneventful. And boring. I got about 120 pages in and gave it up for a lost cause.

I wanted to like this book! It had a lot of potential to be awesome, but for some reason it was just falling flat. Nothing really seemed to be happening, and the main character thought he was much funnier than he really was. I was a little over a hundred pages in and threw in the towel.

So, while this month was a bit nuts I was still able to get my read on and enjoy some amazing books! I'm happy that I'm working my way through my TBR and that I'm also throwing in a few randoms for good measure!

Total Books Read - August: 14
Total Books Read - Year : 84**
Year Goal : 110

**Somewhere my math is totally wrong. GoodReads caculates books that I've read, but not finished, in to my yearly goal, and somehow I've gotten things confused... Hopefully next month will be clearer!**

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