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Top Ten Tuesday - Movie Adaptations

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish, where book bloggers from around the globe gather together and share their Top Ten Lists! If you'd like to join in and link up then click on over! This weeks topic is...

Best/Worst Book to Movie Adaptations
(There are two TV shows included in this list!

These are the movies/TV shows that came to mind when I thought of this prompt, but I know there are SO many more that I've either forgotten or just totally spaced on. I'm sure that when I go through the other blogs linked up to TTT this week I'll remember others!
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Harry Potter - Worse
All of the Harry Potter movies are pretty much awesome, but when compared with the books? Not so much. I mean, the books have a LOT going on with them, you know? There are just so many details and plots and general awesomeness that it's just hard to capture it all in a two hour movie. While it's difficult to say that the movies are worse than the books (because they aren't bad), they are most definitely different and not as spectacular. J.K. Rowling wins this round!

Devil Wears Prada - Worse
I just loved this book! I thought it was a funny, smart, and incredibly honest look in to something that many of us will never experience. The movie was cute, but just not on par with the book. Surprisingly the book seemed much more "real" than the movie did!

White Oleander - Worse
This is one of the first movie adaptations that comes to mind, and I think it's because I was so blown away by the book that I just couldn't wait to see the movie! I really felt like the movie lacked a lot of the passion that the book had, and it lost a lot of depth in transition. Still a good movie, but in no way as good as the book itself!

World War Z - Worse
Okay, I haven't seen this movie and I have ZERO desire to ever see it. I have been waiting for YEARS to see this movie, and I have excitedly followed it along it's troubled path to the big screen. Now that it's finally out and the trailers and reviews are all over the internet I am just outright horrified. From what I've seen (and what I've read) the only thing the movie shares with the book is the name. Anyone that has read the book knows that it's filled with so much more than just running from zombies and trying to save the world. It's a beautiful book with a cast of characters that each have their own stories and their own struggles. It really is a beautiful story and I'm sad that it will never be on the big screen like it was meant to be. THANKS A LOT BRAD PITT!

Battlefield Earth - Worse
WORST MOVIE EVER. I have read that damn (amazing) book more times than I would like to admit, so I was super excited to watch the movie. Turns out, it is over the top terrible. Like, to the point that when I see it on TV and I read the movie info it actually says, "The horrible remake of Ron Hubbard's book." Yeah, it's so terrible that even the cable companies warn you ahead of time. And it sucks because the book is AWESOME and could have been such an epic movie! (But it is over a thousand pages in paperback, so I'm sure it was hard to even begin to cover it all...)

Chronicles of Narnia - Worse
I wouldn't say that all the Narnia movies are bad, but the Dawn Treader was my favorite book of the bunch and it's remake didn't sell me. There are parts of that book that are forever seared in to my memory, visions of mermaids and sweet water and entering Aslan's land... It's a beautiful book and one that just was not brought to the big screen in the right way.

Percy Jackson - Worse
I just love the Percy Jackson books! They are silly and clever and intriguing, and even with all the mythology packed in there they still manage to be simple and focused. Unfortunately the first, and only as of now, movie that has been made just didn't live up to the first book in the series. It didn't really surprise me though, because the more I thought about it the more I realized that it would be incredibly difficult to bring everything Riordan writes to life. It seems to exist better in my mind than on the screen!

Twilight - Better
Hah! So this is pretty funny to me. I hate Twilight. (Seriously. Like, a lot.) But the movies? Not so bad! They actually make me laugh, and while they are still incredibly dumb they are rather pretty!


True Blood - About Even
I'm a big fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I have yet to have an issue with any of them. (What is it with people complaining about them anyways?!) But I think that Alan Ball has done a spectacular job on the show, and that from the very first season they've veered just enough off plot from the books to make it their own. I love that each season isn't exactly like each book, because I hate knowing every single thing that happens!

The Vampire Diaries - Better
These books sucked. Like, I'm not even saying that because they were blah, but because these books were honestly horrible. I couldn't stand the series, so when the show was announced I knew I would stay away from it. Four years later I finally watched the first episode on Netflix and was instantly hooked! The characters are even more developed than in the books, Elena is MUCH more likable, and well, it helps that every guy on that show is just absolutely gorgeous!

That's it for this week! Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to leave a link to your TTT so that I can check out (and remember) all the movies you have on your lists!

Have a great day, and I'll be back with another Top Ten next week!

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  1. I love how you did your comparisons! I agree with everything you said about Harry Potter and disagree about Twilight lol...I actually really enjoyed those books and then Kristen Stewart "Miss No Personality" completely ruined them for me.