Friday, July 19, 2013

ICAD - Week Seven!

Week Seven is already over! You guys, this was a rough week on the card front. My mom was visiting from out of state and we had such an awesome time together that I didn't make the time to do my index cards for FOUR DAYS! My mom was super supportive of ICAD, and loved looking at what I created, but time just flew by and I only made TWO cards while she was visiting!

Anyways, I caught up and you can check out cards #43 - 49 below!

Day Forty-Three

This was a quick pattern doodle right before my mom and I got in to the new Netflix show, Orange is the New Black, (which is awesome!), and I was pretty happy with the simplicity of it!

Days Forty-Four, Forty-Five, & Forty-Six

I sat down and did five cards in a row (including the set below) and I was pretty happy with my first three as shown above! When I sent this picture to my mom (letting her know I was catching up) she instantly said it reminded her of the first fish I ever caught! I was young, maybe seven, and I caught an eighteen inch salmon on a little yellow Snoopy fishing pole! It was pretty awesome. ;)

Days Forty-Seven & Forty-Eight

I wanted to add a little bit of greenery to my fishy cards, so I made some kind of kelp-y plants under the water! I like the way this one looks!

Day Forty-Nine

Woohoo! I made this card this afternoon, and I'm totally a fan! I want to make a few more cards with this type of dark outlining and bright coloring because I love the way it turns out!

So that's it for this week! I've got a lot of catching up to do on the writing front, so I think that my next set of cards will be nice and basic and colorful!

How was your week of cards? Are you on track or behind like I was?! 


  1. Oh how fun - love your triptych and diptych cards!

  2. great idea to spread one theme over several cards...brilliant!