Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camp NaNo Check In - 7.6.13

I had a few days of rough writing, and one day of no writing at all, since my last check-in! The Fourth was a difficult day to write on, but I more than made up for it the next day.

As of today, July 6th, I have written 10,242 words out of my goal of 50,000. 
That means I'm moving along rather nicely and about 565 words ahead of schedule! (After a whole day of not writing anything I'd say that's looking good!)

In Plot News:
I had a rather major confession pop up, and a few personality traits shine through nicely, so while my characters still aren't actually moving away from their first location they are still saying the right things! Hopefully over the weekend they get away from Location One and on to the next place...

If you're writing along with Camp NaNo this month, how are you doing? Let's keep each other motivated!

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