Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - 4.16.13

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish, where book bloggers from around the globe get together and share their Top Ten Lists! If you'd like to join in and link up then click on over! This weeks topic was a Rewind, meaning I could pick from any previous Top Ten Tuesdays, and I picked...

The Top Ten  Books I Recommend The Most
(From March 26th 2013)

So after I chose my topic I thought, "I recommend books ALL the time, this is going to be so easy!" and then when I was getting ready to write the list I thought, "Oh. This just isn't about books I think are great...". Because, the thing is that I recommend books to people once I know what they like to read, and I love so many different types of books that I realize not everyone is on the same page as me. With that in mind I took a different tactic and decided on...

The Top Ten Books I Would Recommend to Everyone, Regardless of What They Read!

**Look at that fancy Ender's Game cover! It was a updated version and I liked it better!**

If you have a woman in your life then you should read this book. Of course, it's written by a mother about her experiences hiking mountains with her young daughter, but it's so much more than that. It's inspiring and encouraging and just a joy to read. It's definitely at the top of my recommendation list for a reason! (And I just read this a few weeks ago!)

While this is tagged as a YA novel I feel like everyone should read this if just for the fact that it makes you think. If there were a planet wide catastrophe tomorrow that made everything you take for granted disappear in a second, would you survive it? Scary and eye-opening!

Even if you aren't in to sci-fi, you'll LOVE this one! I wish there were an easy way to talk about it, but there just isn't. Even as a stand alone (it has several sequels and spin-offs) it has so much to offer a reader that I can't begin to cover it all!

Another one that makes you think, but this time about things that are currently happening in our lifetimes. This one brings up some thought provoking ideas about crimes and the people who commit them.

A futuristic retelling of a classic fairy tale with cyborgs, Lunar citizens and an Asian influence. Hells yes! But, while I have yet to read any other book in this series, I image they will be just as awesome! 

**I switched up a few covers because I've used them before, so don't worry if the covers look different to you!**

I can't say enough about this series! I am in awe of the world building and the character development, and I think fans of many genres can appreciate it! Book three isn't out yet, but I just know it will be fabulous! (Also, I totally wish I had written this series. It's AMAZING!)

A stellar YA series with no serious love triangle, a strong female lead, AND it's set in space?! I was in love with this series from the first chapter of the first book, and I've never looked back!

Oh Richelle Mead... That woman can write some badass female main characters! I love this series because it's like an adult fairy tale but with demons in the lead, Seattle as the setting, and a super shy author as the love interest!

Yes yes, everyone has heard of True Blood by now, but considering it was spawned from this series you will find yourself in for a surprise. After the first season True Blood veers off on it's own course with just a vauge nod to the rest of the series, and the books continue on in their own silly and Southern style. The final book in the collection is being released in May 2013, so get your reading on!

Quirky and fun, this series may not be for everyone, but it's a blast to explore! Set in an alternate 1985 where things are very very different, Thursday Next is an average lady with some not so average problems. (And there are footnotes! Oh so very many footnotes!)

So, any of those books catch your eye? What's your go to recommendation when people ask?


  1. Totally agree with CINDER and the Susan Beth Pfeffer series. Love them! WHEN SHE WOKE made me think, but also rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't care for it much. And then there's ENDER'S GAME. I've tried to read it several times and I just can't get past the first few chapters. Everyone says it's worth the read if just for the ending, but I just can't force myself to get that far.

    So ... very interesting list!

    1. I can totally see how When She Woke could rub people the wrong way, and while I find it incredibly intriguing I wouldn't call it a favorite. It's definitely one to get a conversation going though!

  2. What a great list! I am doing Life as We Knew It with my teen book club next month and I just bought a book club set of Cinder! I was just telling a friend that she has to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I really enjoyed When She Woke, but could not get into Ender's Game. Across the Universe is still on my TBR list!


    1. Across the Universe is AMAZING! I just think that it's such a unique take on all the YA dystopian books out there these days!

      You aren't the first person to tell me that they couldn't get in to Ender's Game, so it must just be an all or nothing kind of book! (Just wait for the movie if you haven't gotten in to it by now!)

  3. Oh, that's a great list! The only book from it that I've read is Across the Universe, but several of the others are on my TBR :D

    1. Yay! Across the Universe was great wasn't it??

    2. I just finished Across the Universe, I really liked it, the whole plot and everything was awesome and the end of Shades of Earth surprised me quite a lot! I did feel like the love affair between Amy and Elder was a bit unrealistic though, but that's just something that annoys me with close to all YA novels so I better just get used to it xD
      And now I'm all like "I want more sci-fi give me more sci-fi" because as far as I can remember, this was the first sci-fi novel I've ever read. :D

    3. What I meant to say was that I just finished the Across the Universe SERIES...

    4. Yeah, the love triangle thing drives me nuts in YA, but I think it was handled pretty well in Across the Universe. Maybe give Ender's Game a chance if you like sci-fi! It's not YA by any means, but it's a good place to start!

  4. Life as we knew it sounds interesting

    1. It is! I know some people have issue with they way things work out towards the end, but regardless it's a great story and it really does put the fear of survival in you!