Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Time.

I think I need this... littlelow studio on Etsy

I have a confession to make. It's not a giant one, but just an impulse that I was almost going to give in to. 

I was going to give up on this blog.

Yes, it's new, and yes, I don't have a following. I mean, who would miss it? But instead of giving in and deleting everything I sat and thought about why I wanted to.

There are times that I worry that starting this blog is just my excuse not to write my book. I've always wanted to write my book. (It's always been called just that in my head, "my book".) The biggest problem I have is that, while I want to write it I wont. I am terrified that if I finally get it out of my head it won't be as awesome as I want, so instead I keep it bottled up and distract myself with other things.

But I've decided that it's time. 

It's time to write it all out and have that big giant first draft. In fact, it's time to write down everything relating to my book. The short stories, the character profiles, the history. And deleting this blog will just be another thing I regret doing in the so far uneventful journey to finally write my book.

In an effort to stay on track with my book (here on out called the WiP) I am going to post updates twice a month with my progress.

If you've got a goal in mind that you've been slacking on please share! We can keep each other going when the going gets tough!


  1. Don't give up! 70% of blogs die within their first three months. I swear half the reason I'm successful is just that I keep effing writing ;)

    1. I've been part of that 70% before, and I'm determined not to be part of it again! I even took a page out of your book and scheduled posts (SO helpful!) and I'm working on setting up more!

      By the way, thanks for writing such an awesome blog, it's a huge inspiration!